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Grocery delivery from any store,

anywhere in Toronto and the GTA

We are a team of students who will personal shop at any store you choose and deliver  to your front door. We do NOT shop at Costco or Walmart.


Our mission is to make sure everyone gets what they need while reducing contact so that we can overcome the COVID-19 pandemic together. Profit is not our priority.

How It Works


1. Send us your grocery list

Contact us & and send us your grocery list. 


2. Relax

We will confirm your order & our shoppers will contact you when they head to the store. 


3. Delivery & Payment

Our crew will forward you the receipt & leave the items at your door step. E-transfer or cash is due upon delivery


Regular Delivery


Get your groceries delivered within 2-3 days. Max 20 different items.

(Eg. 4 oranges is considered 1 item)

Senior/Disability Grocery Delivery


Valid for seniors 65+ or people with disabilities.

Max 20 different items.

(Eg. 4 oranges is considered 1 item)

Add an additional 15 items to your delivery

Large Delivery