My First Blog

Hi everyone,

My name is Vincent Nguyen and I am in the Language & Intercultural Relations program. This is actually my second undergraduate degree (I have and undegrad and masters in engineering). I am currently working towards med school and am taking BLG699 to understand the life cycle of drug development. After all, if plan on prescribing medicine to patients, it is my due diligence to understand how those drugs have been deemed safe.

As for selecting Wix as my blogging platform, I actually currently use Wix for 2 of my business websites. I enjoy the easy customization and large variety of templates offered through Wix versus other website builders (or blogging platforms). Additionally, it was quite convenient that everything was already set up and that I could reuse my domain.

Its funny that this course asks for us to shares memes which reflect ourselves because my friends have made countless memes of me. This is probably due to me randomly falling asleep and having plenty of stupid-memeable pictures. Unfortunately, most if not all of theme are inappropriate for academic context so I won't be sharing them here. However, free to private message me if you want to see them :)

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